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StandBy for public safety

For the (voluntary) first responders of the fire brigade and Search & Rescue (SAR) is StandBy the readiness and communication system that works on both smartphone and smartpager and proactively guards the readiness of the post. On a emergency dispatch level, regional level or state level StandBy shows the current readiness before an incident is reported. StandBy can independently communicate by several channels to several distinctive user groups.


Standby has been active at the KNRM for many years. Read all about how the KNRM has enough rescue workers available due to the collaboration.


High availability


An unexpected meeting or a sick child… Or even the cancellation of a sporting match or finishing work earlier: Unexpected occurrences lead to a change in availability.

With Standby you can make yourself (un)available via phone, smartphone, pager, tablet, laptop or PC. You can also manage your availability with the Standby-agenda or via Google Calendar, Outlook or iCloud.

High availability


In order to keep motivation at its highest and burdens on the volunteers at its lowest, the ‘pressure of organising’ should be minimal. Communicating the availability should be very simple and preferably automatic.

Thanks to the unique ‘geo-fencing’ feature, Standby automatically modifies the availability based on the geographical location of the volunteer.

Proactive availability


StandBy monitors the availability of the specific groups with a team continuously. The systems informs volunteers and team leaders if there is a instant shortage or a possible future shortage in one or more groups. Possible available team members are automatically approached by StandBy with the question if they are available during the period of shortage. If no one is available StandBy notifies (escalation) the team leaders about the shortage not solved. The team leaders can decide what measures to be taken.

Multi platform devices
Multi platform

Smartphone, PC, tablet, pager...
Standby supports them all!

Insight in readiness

Insight in readiness

The goal of your organisation is being on site at an incident as fast as possible within the standards. After a report has come in, you alert the right post.

With Standby, you always have an overview of the readiness of the posts. Standby continuously monitors availability and escalates when there is an insolvable shortage. This substantially reduces the risks of being understaffed. In addition, Standby offers you information with post hoc insights in the availability per period, trends and bottlenecks with regard to the readiness and overcrowded and understaffed percentage per period.

Save costs

Save costs

Standby saves costs. The administrative expenses will decrease by planning and administering more efficiently. The internal communication costs will also reduce due to usage of the Standby messaging system.

Moreover, you can conveniently deploy personnel when there are incidents. Through targeted alarming, the right amount of volunteers will be summoned. Finally, the training costs will reduce because volunteers will be active at your organization for a longer period of time. Work and personal life are easier to combine because of the flexibility offered by Standby.

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